Wednesday, March 2, 2011

comment of the day...

Today was the celebration of Dr. Seuss. Our school did rotations for each grade level and spent 20 minutes in the morning doing games and eating cake. The cake spiraled into a long, loud, crazy day. But that isn't what this post is about.

This morning a 2nd grade teacher forwarded me an email from a parent. It explained that my student had been calling her daughter names during recess. It got to the point where girl's brother in 5th grade was trying to protect her, and still nothing was being done.

After my class came in, I pulled my student out into the hall and asked what had been happening at recess. I got a reply about something completely different, but I realized I needed to do something about the new story later. haha. I secretly love asking vague questions to see what they will say.

I mentioned the name of the girl and my boy poked around at what had happened for a a few minutes. Finally he said he meant to say sorry but he forgot. We talked for a few minutes and I asked him what name he was calling the girl.

If you have ever watched The Middle, and you know the youngest boy Brick.... He repeats some words in a whisper with his head down. It's really weird, but kind of funny.

My student did the exact same thing and he whispered "Pregnant."

I asked him why he would call her pregnant and he said she reminded him of someone. (In my mind I hoped he wasn't going to say my name. In my teaching career I have been called pregnant a few times.... kids are so good for the self esteem.) He then said his mom, who had a baby this past summer.

I was so mad at him, and felt so bad that this poor girl, who is overweight was being called pregnant. We will be working on saying nice words and making friends instead of enemies.

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