Thursday, March 17, 2011


This week everyone is working on their brackets. At school we are working on a different kind of bracket. Since the beginning of the year the 3rd graders at our school have been working on reading 12 different books for the Battle of the Books. And this week, the students were put into teams and have been battling against each other. In my class I had 5 teams. On Tuesday we had pool play where each team got to battle 5 times. (I had 1 team who lost every single battle.)

Then all of the scores were totaled and averaged. Then the librarian seeded the teams and we started a single elimination tournament. Quickly my class was eliminated except for one team. The "Readers" made it all of the way to the championship round. Which will be held on Monday in an assembly in front of the school. This has been one of the best things for my students. They have learned team work, and have been building on their
comprehension skills.

The updated bracket and the pictures of the 2 teams. Go Readers!

After they won the semi final battle... They were SO happy. The other team was made of girls and I felt so bad when they started to cry. I know if my team had lost, I would've cried with them. (And yes, I forgot to get ready that day, so sorry for the ponytail.)


Mary said...

i forget to get ready more often than not.. it is to the point that if i wear my hair down i get comments form all my kids and other teachers....the really sad part is i dont have to be to school till 11...sigh..i suck./.

Sara Gray said...

This seems like so much fun. I would love more details. How do the kids compete? Are there questions about the books or just reading more helps you win?

Mrs. Dean said...

Congratulations to your team! Ack, I still need to read 2.5 books before Monday :\

MyKidsMom said...

Love Battle of the Books! Sydni just won last Wed. She was very excited :)