Monday, March 7, 2011

{odds and ends}

I am finding myself waking up later and later each morning.  I'll start out waking up at 5:00, and then the next day it's 5:15 and then all the sudden it is 5:30. Waking up early is so hard... but at the same time I love working out in the morning before school. 

I am happy to say that the early morning workouts are actually paying off. I can honestly say I weigh what my drivers license says. 

Yesterday I was fighting off my hunger (Fast Sunday's and 1:00 church are hard days for me) and decided to make a birthday sign for my neighbor. I go through spurts using my cricut and being crafty. It has been far too long. This was such a simple and easy thing to make, yet it made me so happy to make it. 

I am always finding things to make on blogs, but can't actually get myself into gear and start making them. My mom has always been big into crafting and I know I need to step it up and get going again. I have progressed by taking my sewing machine out of the box, but don't have any tools/fabric/thread yet. 

Last week on Dr. Seuss day during the party, the students had their faces painted. Each of the students had a colored nose and a few whiskers. It was really funny to see the kids come the following days with whiskers still on their faces. They slowly started fading. The party was on Wednesday and by Friday I had a boy in my class who still had full on whiskers drawn on his face. 

Mondays are always hard, trying to get back into the routine of work and early mornings. But all day long I look forward to hearing from my brother. His emails are so uplifting and you can tell he is just having the time of his life. He sent a few pictures this week, and I can't believe how grown up and handsome he is getting. 

Here he is with one of the members of the Stake Presidency in his area, who actually was my Uncle's trainer when he was on his mission in England. 

My mom is an avid sports fan and she keeps Dan updated with what's going on. But this week, the news came to Dan in London before my Mom had a chance to email him. 

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