Thursday, April 17, 2014

17 Months

I feel like over the last few weeks Olivia has grown up a ton and I can finally say she isn't a baby anymore. Her vocabulary grows each day and I am amazed at the things she knows.

Some of her newest and most used words this month are:  lama, mama, two, three (we are working on one) eyes, ears, nose, bye-bye, toes, shoes, cheese, chair, all done, keys, milk, please, night-night, sleep, thank you, kiss, blue, and yellow.

We went to Mesa for a week and Olivia loved being able to walk in and out of the house whenever she pleased. While we were there she learned how to open up the screen door to get out. The first few days she was scared of the grass, but eventually she got used to it and was running all over. She loved the pool (hot tub) and was a little fish. She went to her first professional baseball game, (also Mom's, haha.) and enjoyed following her cousins Max and Ella around each day.

While we were there she got another tooth, her bottom right incisor finally broke through so she now has 11 teeth.

She got her first haircut this month and she no longer has a mullet. I think she looks a lot more grown up now.

Olivia loves to give kisses, and has finally decided to give them to people. She is professional at giving them to her toys already. Lately she has been giving us kisses goodnight and after she will say thank you. When we go to bed, she will now fold her arms for about 3 seconds when we say prayers and she says night - night. My favorite thing that she has learned to do this month is she will say "all done" when she is done eating, instead of throwing her food/plate on the floor.

Our schedule is still pretty consistent with what it has been the last few months. We both still enjoy her 2 naps a day. For a few days I tried doing 1, to see if that would help with her wake ups at night. She has been waking up between 11-1 each night and crying unconsolably. But changing to 1 nap didn't fix that, so back to 2 we went.

She stepped on the scale the other day in the bathroom and it said she weighed 19 pounds. She was fully clothed, but even so we will take it. I am excited to see how much she really does weigh next month at her appointment. She wears size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.

Olivia still has a strong love for her binky. I am wanting to try and wean her from it next month, but I am nervous about it. We try to only let her use it during naps and bedtime. But if she finds one around the house, it's hard for her to give it up without a fight.

Foods she has been enjoying lately are yogurt, scrambled eggs with ketchup, baby food pouches, bananas, strawberries, cheese, cooked carrots, and any type of sugar. I am so proud of her because as of lately she has been drinking two sippy cups of milk a day. Which is really only about 8 - 10 ounces, but we are so glad she has progressed from 1 to 2.

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