Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mesa Trip

A few weeks ago my cousin Emily called and asked if I would like to come spend a week in Arizonia with her at her parent's house and then help her drive back at the end. Her mom was driving her out but she needed another adult to make it home. Olivia and I jumped at the chance for a week in warmer weather with family and booked our flight to Mesa.

Last Friday my Mom picked Olivia and I up and dropped us off at the Provo Airport. It was fun to fly out from Provo, I loved that it was so close to our house. While we waited Olivia ran around talking to people and mooching treats and chips off a bunch of girls who didn't mind sharing with her. When we boarded the plane they announced that there were computer problems and that the seats were all up for grabs. I sat on the aisle of a row with 3 seats that was empty. I figured people would pick to sit by me because they could handle a kid. Two women who also had kids of their own (not with them) sat by me and were super nice and patient with Olivia. The lady in the middle did fall asleep and Olivia occasionally would get close to her face and yell "Hi". It was embarrassing and funny all at the same time.

Emily and Ella picked us up at the airport and we went back to the Carlson Mansion. That night Olivia, Ella, and Max stayed home with a babysitter while we went to a harp concert. It was a huge harp that they strung throughout the building. The guy who played the Harp was really good. There was also another woman harp player, a singer, guitarist, drummer, and violinist too. The rest of the band was a little crazy. The craziest being the singer who I thought had his own language and sign language, and when he didn't sing he was dancing by himself and clapping. There was a moment when Carrie and Emily couldn't stop laughing and then I couldn't stop. It was a fun night.

Olivia got her hair cut by Emily and she looks so good. I was sad about her having short hair, but her mullet wasn't that cute. It is a cute little bob type hair cut. 

Ella and Olivia would hang out when they were awake at the same time. Their nap schedules were a little different. Olivia would follow Ella everywhere and usually Ellla was following Max. Olivia was definitely not as fast and was usually 20 feet behind them. It was so cute. She was very timid the first few days playing outside. She was scared of the grass at first. But by the end of the trip she was super confident and loving life.

We went to a diamondbacks game. It was fun but also hard with Olivia. Definitely tiring but a fun experience.

The pool wasn't heated so we played in the hot tub. I'd play with Olivia by just walking around on the benches with her. Then we would jump in from the sides and she did really well at floating on her back. It made me so excited for this summer because she is such a water baby! 

We went to Ikea one day. When I went to the bathroom I noticed the best thing ever. In the big stall they had a little chair to put your toddler on, so you could go and not worry about your child crawling on the bathroom floors. I am sure they have these elsewhere, and maybe I have seen them before but I can't remember. I think all churches should get these in their bathrooms, it would make life so much easier! 

We ate so good while we were there. There was always tons of fresh fruit and lots of healthy options. Grandma Hales bought a jar of jelly beans from Sams Club and the kids went crazy. Olivia wouldn't listen to me saying 1 at a time and she had them stuck on all of her top teeth. It was pretty funny. It's safe to say she is obsessed with sugar.

So one morning Emily and I ran to Walmart real quick. Olivia stayed back at the house. When we got home, I found Olivia squatting in a corner with a ziplock bag in hand. She had found my bag of Easter candy in the diaper bag and had eaten all that was left. There were some Cadbury eggs, little butterfingers eggs and a Reeces egg. She was finishing the Reeces and had eaten it through the tin foil. When I picked her up she spit out all of the tin foil she had been saving in her mouth. I was dying! 

This last weekend was the big bike race that Ed, Kent, and Spencer were racing in. So they had 100 or so people over for a big pre meal race. Carrie is amazing she does so much! Luckily we didn't have to do any of the food and they had that catered. They had pizza, pasta, rolls, salad, cookies, and pop. It was all sooooo good. I definitely ate way too much. Olivia loved the pizza and ate 3 pieces and then finished it off with a cookie dipped in butter.

The drive home was long, but Olivia did surprising really well. We only stopped twice and made it home before dark. 

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