Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning we went to our ward Easter Egg Hunt. Earlier in the week we put a few plastic eggs around the living room and had Olivia practice picking them up and putting them in her basket. She loved it and practiced over and over. When we got to the church Olivia spotted eggs in the grass and was trying to grab them. When we found out where the 5 and under spot was, we were sad to see that there were no eggs, just candy thrown on the grass. Olivia doesn't get a ton of candy so she didn't realize what it was.

Bob took her around as I took a few pictures. She spotted a section where there were some dum dum suckers and she was all about those.

We finished off the morning with breakfast. Olivia had a great time at her first Easter Egg Hunt, although I may have been more excited than her. 

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