Friday, August 29, 2014

Toddler Bed & BYU

Today Olivia's toddler bed came and Bob put it together for her. She was so excited to see it when she woke up from her last nap in her crib. {We were going to wait until we really needed the crib, like when baby is 3 or 4 months old. But she kept getting her thigh seriously stuck between the slats. I bought bumpers, but she just pushed them down with her feet and kept getting stuck. This resulted in no naps, and this was hard on me.} She was excited about the bed, but I am pretty sure she loved getting her first pillow even more.

Grandma Shannon sent a few goodies with Brad and Olivia got a new pair of leggings. Because it was the day of the first BYU football game we put on our BYU shirts. This shirt Grandma Shannon got for Livy last year, and luckily it still fits! I love and hate this picture at the same time. She looks so old to me right here.

We went to my parents house for dinner and the game. Andrea was kind enough to take a quick pictures of our GROWING family. I am about 32 weeks in this picture.

Since we got home later, Olivia was pretty tired and already in her PJ's. She transferred easily into her bed and slept there all night.

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