Sunday, June 22, 2008

I guess this is just my first post.

I know, I've fallen to the world of blogging, but who hasn't? I know I'm not married or have children of my own to post about. But as of August I will have 20-30 youngsters in my own care and I can't wait. You always hear funny stories about what kids are doing or saying, so I wanted to be able to post them to remember my first year of teaching. Along with the kids stories, I may or may not vent about teaching and the stress that comes from the first year of teaching. I seriously can't wait to start the school year.

The whole process of the two year program at UVSC, went by in a blur. I couldn't believe that I was student teaching in January and now I have a JOB! I love when everyone tells you that teaching is such a great profession because all the schools are just dying to get teachers in their schools. And then you graduate and you don't have a job, and all the peeps are wanting to know whey you don't have one yet. I think that because people are always talking about how their is a teacher shortage that getting a job would just fall in your lap. That's not really how it happened for me, although it may happen for some.

I went to Hawaii for my grad present, I left right after graduation trying to remove the fact that I didn't have a job from my mind. I wanted to enjoy my vaca and worry about the job when I got home. Before I left I gave my neighbor my resume for a position at a bad boys home. A bad boys home, what was I thinking.... Well I was thinking I Needed a job. While in Hawaii, laying on the beach loving the fact that my body is soaking up the rays, I get a call from the principal and have an interview set up for 2 hours after I get off of the plane. I then try to continue to enjoy my vaca. Considering the time distance, 8 am in Utah is 4 am in Hawaii. A local elementary called me wanting to know if I could teach kindergarten. What a great job that would be minus the fact that I do not have the early education special endorsement. (All the women in my parents ward had been raving about me to the school, and that's why they called. It would've been a sweet job if I had the endorsement.) Anywho, I come home from Hawaii, and I am tanned to the max, and tired. I go to the two hour interview and am just loving it. I feel like this is where I am supposed to be and I am just at the high school site, I haven't seen where I would be teaching. I later go and see the middle school facility where I would be starting the elementary program and I am just dying. It is new, huge and has tons of perks.... like free lunch!!! (Just so you know I am not crazy, this isn't cafeteria food, it's all homemade.) So then I have to make the decision, and it just ended up not working out for me, it was year round and I really enjoy my summers off, isn't that why I am a teacher?

During the whole process of getting the job offer and considering it, I applied for a couple jobs in provo and in alpine districts. I guess for security in case the job didn't work out, which was what happened. I was so happy that the day after I turned the job down, I recieved 4 calls for job interviews that week. I interviewed for two 5th grade positions and a 6th grade position in Provo and then a 1st in Orem, and the 3rd in Lehi. I was offered the job at both of the 5th grade the 6th grade and the 3rd. It was an easy decision for me considering I am not familiar with the 5th and 6th grade curriculum and I am actually kind of scared of them. They might be taller than me. So I decided to go with the 3rd grade position in Lehi. I actually didn't think that I would get the job because I said something dumb in the interview. I got in the car after and sat there half talking half screaming, DID I REALLY SAY THAT? to my self. But I guess he liked me. The school is just off the last AF exit, so it isn't too far. Mary thinks that I can just move into her basement since I'll be working in Lehi.

I went back to the school a week or so after I accepted the job to meet the other teachers. I went into the office to get directions, the school is HUGE! I don't know if you understand, but 8 1st grade and 2nd grade classes, six 3rd grade and so on. Anywho, the secretary was realy nice and had me put down my name to make up a lable for my door. Apparently I will not actually be in the school, I am getting kicked to the trailer... Haha. I am actually ok with it because I have been hearing a lot of good things about them. Plus, this is my first year, I can do it! So for those of you who come visit, remember where I'm at. Out of the six teachers, three of them left this year, so there are three of us that are new. The other three all taught last year as their first year teaching. So there are a bunch of us with new ideas and I am super excited! I only met with one of the teachers but just talking to her helped calm my nerves and prepared me for what lies ahead.

I haven't done much yet, I won't be able to get into my classroom until the 31st, so ya. I have just been buying a few odds and ends. And by that I mean that I bought 200 books from DI. I love the DI, they have a bunch of books and a lot of the time the ones you find are brand new. The best part is that they are only .50 which compared to other used book stores is a steal. And I would never be able to afford 200 new books. I'll have to take a picture of all the books sitting in my room, they are so overwhelming- Yet I feel like I don't have enough.

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