Saturday, June 28, 2008

Maple Mountain Camping with the Carlson's Hemingway's and the Hales

Emily and I-- Was the view worth the pain?

Matthew putting his socks on my blistered feet.
Emily and Matthew at dinner.
Addison and Dillon after smores.

So this past weekend, my cousin Emily and I planned a campout up Whiting campground in Mapleton. A few years ago we went there for our Grandpa's 70th birthday and hiked the mountain. Emily and I thought it would be fun to do it again. For dinner we had tin foil dinners, the best limeaid that my Aunt Brenda made. We finished the meal off with smores. Somehow, I got the marshmallows all over my shirt. I guess you get dirty when your camping. We listened to Mark play that guitar and had 2 more rounds of smores. The port a potty's were gross, but what can you expect. We woke up early saturday morning to start our adventure. Emily tried to get me out of my sleeping bag and I didn't want to go. She said that we would have fun and I told her not to make any promises she couldn't keep. I was not excited. We trecked up the mountain and I soon found myself with blisters on my feet and was hating my life. The view was beautiful, but I don't know if the pain from the blisters was worth it. Emily's boyf Matthew offered me his socks, but they didn't help much and made my toes squished. Luckily we ran into a woman from Springville with her golden doodle and she had a first aid kit. The band aids added comfort for about 10 minutes. haha. I was so glad to see the end of the trail at the end of the day.

Me just being a mess from the smores. It was worth it though!

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