Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 2

There is just so much I want to blog about, but somehow there is never enough time. This week has been an eventful week. To start the week out, on Sunday I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle who live in American Fork. It was so nice to be able to use 1/4 of a tank of gas getting to and from school instead of a whole tank. Not only was the gas a plus, but I had homemade meals and a sack lunch everyday as I left for work. LOVED IT! Thanks so much for letting me stay with you.

My class is having problems with going to the bathroom. They are going crazy. I have a bathroom pass which allows them to go to the bathroom 3 times throughout the week, during class time. If they don't use it, they are put in a drawing for a prize from the treasure chest. For some reason this week, kids just forgot to go at recess and lunch. So on Friday I gave every kid who didn't use their bathroom pass a mini water bottle and a candy bar. I am hoping that this little incentive will help with my problem this week. Out of my 33 kids, I think I gave out like 18 water bottles.

While teaching cursive this week, I was walking and checking my students write. I heard one little girl tell her neighbor that I was pregnant. I looked at her and she was like, look at her belly. She is pregnant. I sternly said, No I am not. And walked away, I seriously almost started crying. But she is in 3rd grade, and a little slow..... So it was harmless. I look back and laugh. But I will be at the gym everyday this week.

On Friday I picked up my keys to my new apartment on my way home from school. It was so nice to know that I would have a home. Before I could move in, I had to take my sister Ayrika and her friends to Pizza Factory for her birthday party. It was fun, they were loud and crazy, but it brought back the memories of being 14. (Don't worry that my cute little sister got a dozen roses and a box of chocolates from a boy in her math class. I'll post a picture of her with them when I add them to my comp.) I moved the rest of my stuff in on Saturday and I am loving my apartment. I will post pictures soon. I have my own room and bathroom. And share a shower/jetted bath tub. I am living with my friends, Danielle, Whitney and Lacey. Come visit me anytime!

Saturday morning, I woke up at 8... That was sleeping in for me. I seriously could not lay there any more. I'm just in that habit of waking up at 6. So I got ready for the day and then went with my Dad to pick out a car. I was debating between the Toyota Corolla and the Camry. I test drove a few and debated with my Dad. The price difference wasn't that much, and the difference between the two cars was. I just felt so much more comfortable in the Camry and love the size. So I ended up signing my life away and bought the car. I love it!!!! It is so beautiful and so nice to drive. I was driving home freaking out that I had a new car. I don't have a picture of it yet. I am sure I will have tons soon.

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