Thursday, September 4, 2008

And then there were 32

Today I lost a student. One of my smartest kids in the class, Dillan. He was so darling and when he came to Back to School night he was so excited to tell me that he already knew most of his times tables. He was very helpful and always had a comment to share. He was one of those kids where if you were looking for the right answer, you could always go to him. He told me on Monday that he was moving Friday after school. He was so cute, "Teacher, I have something to tell you, and I don't think you are going to be very happy about it." I figured he had forgotten his homework folder or something. I was planning on making a class book with letters saying why we loved him in our class. He is on the early track so we took some class pictures so I could print them off for him. The office buzzed during the late track hour and said he was leaving today. So I didn't get to say goodbye, nor did the class. So sad!!!! But, the one good thing about it is that I only have 32 kids in my class now.

Next Monday we start getting aides in our classroom because our numbers are so high. I will have an aide in the morning during my math which will be amazing to have some extra help. Then I have an aide in the afternoon but it is during my rotation time, so not too much help, but I can have her file papers and make copies if I need. Or help me with whatever I am teaching. I can't wait, except I hope that I can get things together for her by Monday. Woo Woo! What else can I tell the blogging world???? I have loved this week because it has gone by so fast. My class is doing great and I am loving teaching my writer's workshop!!!!! My friend Mary got some freebie stuff from UVSC's library and I am so grateful for the books and cd's! Thanks Mary!

Until the weekend! Hopefully I will have my pictures ready to update. I want everyone to see my new baby..... aka my car, the camster. (I guess thats the new nickname for the Camry.)

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