Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boys hate Girls

You may remember this post-- it was a LONG time ago. Over a year ago I had a boy who hated the girl who sat next to him in class. They were in resource together, and they were always pestering each other. He got mad and wrote a hate letter along with a picture of him shooting her. Little did I know that that was the thing to do in 3rd grade.

Today one of my students was acting a little off. He was in a bad mood and wouldn't do his work. A few minutes before my first group of kids went home, the assistant principal came and got him. I knew something was up when he was still gone 30 minutes later.

While reading with T, he said "I know why D is in trouble." So of course I asked why. T told me that at recess D drew a picture on the wall of him shooting this girl in another class that he hated. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. When D came back we talked, but he wouldn't tell me anything. It was all confirmed after school, and I couldn't believe it.

D spent those 30 minutes being told how serious it is to draw or talk about shooting someone, while he scrubbed the walls. Wow. Who would've known, 2 years in a row.


Emily Jones said...

Ahhh, Alyse! What are you teaching these children to drive them to such extreme measures? Just kidding. But that is crazy that this happened to you twice. It never happened to me. Guess I was lucky. Sorry! Better luck next year! :)

Mary said...

wow that is awesome! haha lol.. my kids havent gone to that far off to state their hatred for the opposite sex.. i am trying to keep them from passoing love notes all day long