Thursday, April 22, 2010

The mystery of the flying book

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Today I had library and we were helping the librarian inventory some of the books. My class was helping with the picture books and were lined up in a big "train" passing books from one end of the library to the other.

One of the rules was to only hold 1 book at a time.

The students were passing fast. The librarian would scan the book and send it down the line. Then the 2 at the end would put them on the shelf.

Almost at the end of the line, opposite of where I was helping *Tom was going fast and was pressured by *Ben who had a stack of books. Tom quickly gave the book to *Anna. Tom said Anna's face ran into the book, but for the amount of blood gushing out her nose, I would say it was a good toss to the face.

Now the students were in a train, and they were doing their job right. So instead of getting out of line, they passed word of the bloody nose back up the train one by one until it reached me.

After a lot of toilet paper, an ice pack, and a rest in the nurses room- Anna was all better.

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perdue family said...

I have never heard of using the cricut to cut fabric...that is totally awesome! Those are way cute ideas! We should get together and be crafty together. Next weekend? Let's think of something to make.