Monday, May 17, 2010


This weekend we had some firsts. To start of the weekend, Bob went to his first "Father's and Sons" with our stake. Are you asking yourself why? Well..... drum roll please..... Bob is in the Young Mens and they asked him to go. He was a little embarrassed when he was the only one there who didn't have any children. He got a lot of questions of why he was there.

I slept at my parents house, which wasn't a first. I went to dinner at El Gallo with my parents which was definitely not a first. But it might have been the first time that week my parents had been their.

Bob and I met up at home Saturday morning and we attended together a BYU Alumi Activity. This was a first for both of us. We ate J-Dawgs near the football stadium, this was my first time eating one and it was pretty good. Then we attended the BYU baseball game against San Diego. This was our first baseball game together and it was a good one. We didn't stay for the whole game because I got my first sunburn of the year. It was a pretty good one. It was a beautiful day and I loved being outside without a jacket.

That night Bob and I doubled with Andrea and Brent for the first time. Dan came along for the food and good company. We went to the Trolley in Springville. I wish it had been my first time sitting in the Trolley part of the resturant but we didn't make it. It was Bob's first time spilling his water at dinner. My first time was last time we went to dinner with Brent. We are making it a tradition.

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