Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Pictures

A month ago or so we had spring pictures taken at our school. You know the pics, they have the floral/greenery background and you do the chin in your hand pose. -Close up style. The kids were so excited. Everyone gets their picture taken regardless of whether you are buying them or not. They also send home a FULL 5 page packet for the parents to look at and decide. The students have had their packets for over 2 weeks. I still have about 10 kids who haven't turned in the packet or money to buy them.

Every day I go over the same talk, "Please remember to bring back your pictures or the money for your pictures!" And then I look at them stare them all in the eyes, "What is it called if you don't bring back the pictures or the money?" And then they all yell back at me, "STEALING!"

We had a lesson on how you can't have the pictures for free, even though they sent them home with you. Some kids say they are waiting on parents paychecks, which I believe. And others are waiting for their parents to decide how much they like them.

One student, J- he told me he wasn't going to steal them. He was very adamant about it. "I will bring them back as soon as my mom is done scanning them into the computer Mrs. Barber."

Oh great. So much for trying to teach my students a good lesson about being honest and not stealing things that aren't yours.


Leandra said...

ha ha ha that's pretty funny. I like how honest kids are and how embarrassed those parents would be if they knew the child was telling everyone they were just scanning in the pictures. funny.

perdue family said...

Haha! I love that story! This means we are staying for another 2 years. Im excited we will be hanging around so we can craft and sew it up.

Steph said...

I am now following your blog :) Funny stories here!