Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hole in the Rock

On our Sunday cruise up and down the Lake, we stopped at another place I don't recall ever seeing out of my 15+ years at Lake Powell. We went to the Hole in the Rock. When I heard Hole in the Rock, I thought a big rock with a hole in it, but I was wrong.

As you can see at the top, that is the whole, and where the pioneers came through. They lowered their wagons down. While sitting in our boat the water was 200+ feet deep. So they had a long way down to lower their wagons. I can't remember what my Dad said, but they were living someplace in Utah and decided to go start over in a new place in Utah. *When I get the real city names I'll uplift you with that information.

All I can say is, WOW! I knew the pioneers were amazing, but after seeing this in real life it made it even more real.

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Nicole said...

Most of the people were living in Cedar City or Panguitch at the time and the prophet wanted them to settle the south-eastern wilderness in a town that is now called Bluff. They wanted to keep the peace with the Indians and allow others to settle there. If you want to read more, Gerald Lund, author of the Work in the Glory, literally just wrote a book about them called Undaunted (which is why I know this stuff haha).