Monday, October 25, 2010

My Brother, Elder Hales

Yesterday as we were sitting down eating dessert at my parents house, the phone rang. It was for my Mom and when she came back to the table she was sobbing. We all started asking, "Are you ok?" And she finally broke through the sobs that it was a happy cry. We all laughed and waited for her to tell us why she was crying.

She told us that a lady from Orem had just gotten home from a Geneology trip to England. And while she was there, she met Dan in the Harlow ward where he was serving at the time. She had called to tell us what a great missionary he was. While she was there she also told him to write my mom a letter and she would mail it to her when she got back to Utah. He didn't.... My mom was laughing by this point. It was so neat to hear that he is doing well.

This morning we got this email from Dan, and it made this story even more special.
".....Im so glad that you got the phone call. Randomly one Sunday these three older ladies came to church. they were touring England. I came to find out that one of them was the author of the pioneer story. "tell my story too." The two other sisters were the younger sisters of Sister Hinkley, yes Gorden B. Hinkleys wife. so That was cool. she said she wanted to call you and tell you I'm doing alright."

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