Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekly ramble....

Teaching a bone unit to my class and the other 3rd graders. I always learn while teaching my class what to do and what not to do with the other 2 classes. I was teaching them the names of the bones and came upon the Pelvis. One students was like Ewwww the pelvis. I then said we need our pelvis to move around, moving side to side, using your hips... blah blah blah. Then said Remember Pelvis because it rhymes with Elvis and you dance to his songs. Later we were singing a Halloween song and a girl in my class stood up and told the class to start moving their Pelvis like Elvis. --I laughed.

The past few weeks have been so busy and filled with one thing after another. I am ready for life to slow down. It seems like most days I am home at 8 or 9, get in bed and sometimes see Bob before the next morning. I am taking a class to learn how to use my smartboard and once that is over I hope life will be more calm.

I am making pumpkin cookies. I love them, and am so glad my friend taught me the speedy way to make them. 1 spice cake mix, 1 small can of pumpkin puree and a bag of chocolate chips. 350, 15-17 minutes. On my way home from class last night I decided to buy the ingredients so I could make them right when I got home today. (to take out visiting teaching) I left the bag on the table. I guess it's still warm, because 1/2 of my bag of chocolate chips were melted when I opened them today.

I've decided to start eating healthy AGAIN and going to the gym or running everyday. (I will try to only eat one pumpkin cookie mentioned above.) I just decided today, so I will let you know how that goes. My motivation this time is in my next 5k. One of the teachers at my school is the aunt of l Rachel and her mom worked at our school last year. She played Volleyball for Mountain View and is an awesome girl. (Or so I've heard.) For more info, you can read about her experiences on her blog. SteeleStrong There will be a 5k for her through the Make a Wish Foundation on November 5th at Lakeridge Jr. High. I am planning on running that. I am also going to make a goal for myself this time. Not just finish, but get a good time. (For me that is under 30 minutes)

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday!!!!

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Mary said...

i'll play the eathing healthy game with you-- wanna make a pact to go 'sugar free' till christmas???--- call me and we can wokr out the details!-- oh and i am in for the run-- call me for that too- pumpkiin cookies sound good. i a making sugar cookies iwth korbin.. too bad they are still 1/3 of the way doen bc i lost motivation till after nap time.. at least teh dough tastes good ( dont judge we are starting the 'diet' when you call me)