Monday, February 7, 2011

What did you do this weekend?

Friday night Bob and I spent next door helping Andrea and Brent paint their apartment. We left for the night with it unfinished because we ran out of paint.

Saturday I woke up to go to the gym, but woke up with a migraine. I tried to work on my Relief Society lesson, but couldn't concentrate. I took a 3 hour nap, and woke up to quickly get ready for the BYU basketball game. Andrea and Brent came with us and we enjoyed the game against UNLV. It was so fun to be in the Marriott Center and watch the game live.

We came home and started to pull up our carpet. Well I should say mostly Bob pulled up the carpet. My Dad was replacing the carpet in my sisters apartment next door, and we were lucky enough to get new carpet in our living room.

 We had to pull all of the shelves off of the wall to pull the rest of the carpet up. When we took the shelves away, we found a nice red wall.

 It worked out happening on the perfect weekend. Our kitchen was filled to capacity with our furniture. But since we were fasting, we didn't have to worry about going in there.


Anderson Family said...

How fun to live next to your sister. I would love that!

Danielle said...

Does Andrea live next door? Such crazy-ness. Tell Andrea to start a blog.