Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentines Surprise!

I kindly reminded Bob a couple weeks ago that Valentines Day was coming up and it was his turn to plan the date. Little did I know that Bob would be in the middle of studying for a really hard test last weekend. I felt bad, but Bob still pulled through with an amazing date after passing his test.

I am sad to say that we didn't get a picture of the two of us together. I need to be better at having someone take our picture when we go out.

I came home from school on Friday to beautiful flowers and a few clues.

The first said, Happy Valentines Day!

We got in the car and the 2nd clue gave us an address in American Fork. We arrived at our destination: Rodizio Grill. The food was really good and we ate a ton. I enjoyed the food, but felt like the salad bar was skimpy. It is a lot better at Tucanos. Bob said Rodizio has more authentic Brazillian food.

When we left I got to open my next clue which told me I got to pick out an outfit at the mall. We drove over to University Mall.... but I couldn't find anything I wanted. It always seems like when your just browsing you find whatever you want. When you actually are out to buy something... I can never find anything.

We came home and watched a movie together. We both had a busy week with lots of long days and we were asleep by 9:00. haha. Bob did a great job of planning and surprising me this Valentines Day!


blindblogger said...

Good job Bob. We're looking forward to receiving more skype calls on Dan's iphone.

Danielle said...

I remember how excited Bob used to get about eating at places. He would say stuff like, "that place is so bomb." "I could eat there every day." I am glad he got Brazilian food on Valentines. I'm sorry the mall hated having cute clothes.

Mark and JanaRae said...

amazing planning Bob! way to go. It looks like it was a fun night. I have to agree the salad bar is so skimpy :( And how fun to have Brent and AJ living next door in my old apt.