Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another School Post

Today was inside recess. It was really cold, so I accepted the fact that the kids would be in all day. During morning recess I was walking down to the office when a girl from my class came out of the bathroom. She told me some girls were going crazy and playing around in the bathroom.

Doing my teacherly duty, I went in and found 2 girls washing their hands and no one else in sight. But I did hear a lot of voices from the last stall. (You know, the big one.) I told the girls to come out. Out came 4 girls from 2nd grade. We were all leaving the bathroom as I was telling them that only 1 person goes into the stall at a time. (What is it with these kids and playing in the bathroom???) I notice one girl holding this pink rectangular phone shape up to her chest. I told her to show me what it was. It was an IPOD touch with one of those little protection covers on it. We have a strict no toys/ no electronics policy and have to take any that are seen or heard.

I asked the girl her name and her teacher, took the IPOD, and told her it would be in the office. When I got to the office her teacher was there so I gave it to her. When she returned to class the girl was hysterically bawling. She wouldn't admit what had happened at first to the teacher (even though she knew) but eventually gave in.

I'm hoping for warmer weather, even though I know tomorrow will be colder.

Hopefully I will have a non school related post sometime soon.

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