Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Silly Girls}

I have had quite a few posts about my class, but I couldn't help but share these. But beware some of these are not 3rd grade appropriate!

I was reading with a couple of my students at the back table and school was almost over for the day. One of my sweet little girls turned and told me she was going to spend the next day with her "Mean Grandma." She then proceeded to tell me that her brother was going to have surgery the next morning on his testicles because one was too big.  I almost died right there. In my mind, I'm saying "Why are you telling your 8 year old daughter about testicles?" Trying to avoid the conversation, I asked why her she didn't like her grandma and she said that she wouldn't let her pick out her own outfits or do her hair.

As we were walking to lunch, bff of the girl mentioned above looks at me and pauses, "Mrs. Barber, can you live without skinny jeans?" I am confused at this point because I am wearing my black slacks- why is she asking this? I asked her why and she told me that she just LOVES hers and can't go a day without wearing them. She wanted to know if I felt the same.

Last but not least.... my best story.

We just started writing letters to our pen pals. This is one of my favorite writing units. But while we wait for the replies, we work on other projects. I told my kids last week they could write a story about Valentines day. It could be fiction or a personal narrative. One of my girls came back for a "Teacher Check" where I help fix some spelling and grammatical errors. I started reading her story, and it began by saying that there were 2 cupids. The next sentence caught me off guard when it said that "They made love." It took me a LONG few seconds to realize that she was referring to making as in creating love. As in, it had never existed before. I almost died. Later on in the story they created a song about love.


Emily Jones said...

Those stories are so fun! You make me miss teaching. I wish I would have written down the funny things that happened in my class because now I've pretty much forgotten everything. Next time...

Karie said...

Oh my gosh!! You've had some great stories this year!! I love the last one!