Saturday, May 7, 2011

Count down to Summer!

We are reviewing for the end of the year tests... wow I can't believe that they are so soon! We were going over fractions and I was asking the students what the top number of a fraction was called. I gave them a small hint by saying Nuuuu (as in Numerator) when a girl in my class yelled out NEW TESTAMENT!

My students are ready for school to be done.  Especially with the weather ups and downs, they get a little bit crazier everyday.

Yesterday we started working on our Mother's Day project. I had each of the students draw a picture of their mom. I was doing an example on the board of the size (my class tends to use only a small portion of the paper) and drew a picture of my face. One of my students shouted out, hey that's you, not your mom! And another kid said, You're not a Mom! Then the sweetest girl in my class said, YES she is! She is a Mom to 29 kids. I loved her so much in that moment, for realizing how much I care for each of my students.

2 weeks ago we had teacher appreciation week and my class was so kind to me. Especially my room Mom. On the first day, one of my girls Jacky came up to me and asked me if I was still on my diet. (They knew I was eating healthy because I never eat their birthday treats...) I looked at her and asked why? She pulled out this huge chocolate bunny and said, "Well, I brought this for you for Teacher Appreciation." Not only do I get spoiled, but Bob gets all the leftovers! 

I don't know who many days are left until school is over. I don't want to start counting down too early. We have a lot of things to do before school can be over. I am excited though.... don't get me wrong! 

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Mark and JanaRae said...

honestly I couldn't remember what the top number in a fraction was called. Woops! Love the door. HOpe you had a fabulous Mother's Day!