Thursday, May 19, 2011

school post

Yesterday when I was gone, one of my students decided to write a note to another student in the class. The note included all of the swear words that he could think of. The list had words that start with A and ends with hole, B, and a 3rd grade spelling of the S word. The last word on the list was Witch Hole. I had no idea that my student knew more swear words than I did. But today, I learned a new one today. The sub just left the paper on my desk, having no idea of what to do with the student.

This morning I had duty, which was to watch the playground. When it's raining/snowing (in winter months or the end of May) we watch all of the students in the gym. Luckily for me, I got to watch 350 kids in the gym. It was so chaotic and I was not happy about it. Then one of my students appeared and had this little beauty for me. She said it was a fruit and candy bouquet. (With a few cheese puffs....) It definitely made my day. All of the other students were amazed that she had made it herself.

Since it rained all day yesterday, the kids were inside for recess. One of my students decided to do a recap on what his favorite part of recess was. He told me that they played Connect Four. (This is the coveted game in the class, they all fight over it.) But yesterday they played for Viking Dollars. My kids were gambling while playing Connect Four. What is the world coming to?

This little beauty I got after spring break. But I have forgotten to mention it. My student got it on his Spring break trip to California. He handed me it in a plastic bag and said, "My Mom told me to give you this." I keep it on my desk, and it motivates me daily, to do my best. Especially during these last few weeks. PLEASE TELL THE RAIN TO STOP! I can't handle any more inside recess.


Danielle said...

I all the sudden had this flash back to playing connect four with Bradly Galegonya. Please bask in this memory for a few minutes.

Becca and Derek said...

I had a kid call me a B word and throw a chair at me one day. So aweosme. HA HA