Saturday, May 28, 2011

family 5k

A few months ago my sister Andrea announced that the Utah County Food Bank was having a 5k and she wanted our family to run. All of the girls jumped in and said they would. Brent quickly said yes when Andrea asked. My Dad immediately said no, and Bob said he was with my Dad. When it came time to sign up a few weeks ago, I bribed Bob with all of the best things, to run with us. I told him he could get a new golf club and he didn't take the bait, as he is already getting clubs from his brother. I thought it was a lost cause until one day Bob was talking about his love for McDonalds. I told him he could eat whatever he wanted after the race if he would run it. He finally agreed!

This morning we woke up early and met in Provo. When my parents got out of the car, my Dad was wearing work out clothes and we were happy to hear that he was going to do the race. Bob and I got our bib numbers and new shirts. I gave the bibs to Bob while Ayrika and I changed our shirts. Once we all had our shirts and Bibs on, we were ready. My Dad and I ran some of our stuff back to the car and he said he was worried my Mom would start running with the other people, and leave him behind. Sure enough once we started running my Mom started jogging.

In the last year I have ran a couple 5ks and I ran them in 35 and 33 minutes. Since I have been attempting to eat healthy and exercise more often, I made a goal of running the race in under 30 minutes. I am happy to say that I ran the race in 27.05. My brother in law Brent beat me, but only by a few seconds. It was fun to cheer the rest of the family on, as they came across the finish line.

When they were announcing the winners for my age group the 1st place was really close to my time. And then they announced the 2nd and 3rd place times and they were 27 minutes plus. I wasn't expecting to win, but was confused as to why they hadn't called my name, according to my time. Andrea and I went and checked out the scores, and I had ended up wearing Bob's bib, and he had worn mine, so our times were mixed up.

(This picture makes me laugh, this was pre-race and Dad was showing his true feelings for the race.)

So unofficially I took 2nd place in the Women's 22-30 age division. I am so proud of myself. I know my time wasn't great compared to most runners, but I am proud of myself. I am also proud of my whole family. My parents ran/walked the race and both ended up with a better time then they had originally thought. I am super proud of Bob, because he didn't do any training beforehand and did a great job. We are looking forward to our next 5k, the annual Thanksgiving 5k.


Matt and Melissa said...

Great job Alysse!That's awesome that you ran it in 27 minutes! Wow! Sounds like a fun family time!

Andrea said...

You seriously are in such good shape. You make me jealous and one day I will be as fast as you! And I love the picture of rick and the one of the parents. Priceless.

Mary said...

that is really cool! i cant wait to run with you again! find us a race please

Kerri Jex said...

I think it's hilarious that he wouldn't run for a golf club, but he'd run for McDonald's!