Saturday, May 14, 2011

love me some Mexican food

If anyone ever asks what my favorite food is, I will always say Mexican. (If you didn't know, all of the trips my family makes to Mexico- are usually for the food. We love hitting up Taco stands and getting the real deal. I think I need a taco right now.) So when I ordered my Bountiful Basket the other week, I decided to order the "Mexican Pack" for $7.50 and the tortillas for $10. Boy was I in for a surprise of a lifetime when I picked my basket up.

3 dozen large huge flour tortillas. (I'll be making cafe rio salads sometime soon!)
2 dozen small flour and 2 dozen small corn tortillas.

Jalapenos, Anaheim peppers, green onions, tomatillos, avocados, squash, garlic, limes, onions cilantro, and garlic.
What a steal... I was SO happy with my Mexican pack. So with all of these ingredients, I planned my Mother's Day meal for my family.

I made this tomatillo salsa (I got the recipe from my Aunt Carrie. Yummy!)

Tomatillos (I put mine in the oven for 30 minutes on 400 to soften up. I used 8 because that was what I had, but I know you can also use the canned ones too.)
1 bunch cilantro- I just cut off the stems at the bottom
1/2 a Jalapeno
1/4-1/3 cup sugar
Blend all ingredients in your blender and then refrigerate until cold.  Yes, it's that simple.

I made homemade salsa (Luckily I got tomatoes in my regular basket)

We made guacamole using the avocados and some fat free greek yogurt.

Some of my family used the large tortillas to make burritos and some used the small to make tacos. It was so yummy.

Later in the week I used the rest of my limes to make Brazillian Lemonade, from Our Best Bites.

The only thing I still have left is the squash. Maybe I'll make something with it for lunch.


perdue family said...

WOW thats totally awesome! I love me some Mexi food too. Ill have to hit that up soon. Thanks for the recipe :)

Mary said...

wow you really have become the betty/martha! i am proud of you!