Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farewell Recovery Room

Last week I went on a much needed vacation to Lake Powell. It was a quick trip and unlike any other- but definitely a good time. Bob wasn't able to go because he had to work at Costco for his internship. I went down with my parents, sister Ayrika, and her friend Sam.

This was actually a dream trip for my sister Ayrika and her friend Sam. My Dad had decided to invite the priests to Lake Powell for their "priest trip" during our week on Lake Powell. The reason we were ok with this was my Dad was planning on buying a new houseboat, and we would be able to go again this summer.  So along with my family, there were 10 priests and 2 leaders.

Those boys were spoiled!!! We had our houseboat and then another houseboat that one of the young mens leaders had. There were 2 ski boats, 5 tubes, and enough wake boards for everyone. All day everyday at least one of the boats was out pulling the kids on the tubes. My mom had a killer menu and the boys barely did a thing. The kitchen in the houseboat is small so it was easier for my Mom and I to clean up then have 5 boys stand around and ask questions.

When I wasn't helping my mom in the kitchen, I spent my time reading and laying out. I did get in a few good wakeboarding sessions early in the morning, in COLD water too. I'm looking forward to warmer water later in the summer.

After 3 failed attempts at buying a houseboat this spring, we thought it would never happen. But my Dad finally found one, and everything worked out in the end. While we were there, my Dad took us on a tour of the new boat. Our old boat was made in the 70's and this new boat was made in the late 90's. So no, it's not some glamorous, new, hi-tech boat, but it is a HUGE improvement from our last one. I'll have to post all about it after we take a trip on the new boat.

On the last day we cleaned the boat for the last time. Even though that boat had major problems, something was always broken, and it was old and a little junky, we loved that boat. We have had that houseboat for the last 20 years and it's like a 2nd home. I got a little teary as we drove away. I guess it's all about the memories.

Farewell Recovery Room! Mom was definitely smiling as she was waving goodbye.

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