Monday, June 13, 2011

I still love food...

I've mentioned Our Best Bites a million times, but this has to be my favorite of their recipes. My sister Andrea made it and put it in a salad with mango and it was delish. Tonight I made it with chicken tenders and Bob said it was his new favorite meal. I think he ate 7 or 8.... haha.

Introducing: Spicy Honey Chicken

And as a side I made these pioneer woman potatoes.  Thank you bountiful baskets for giving me a big bag of golden potatoes. 

I wish that I could say I made some wonderful dessert tonight, but no. I have eaten so much sugar and chocolate lately that I had to have a no sugar day. It honestly has been hard not to eat a treat. I have been eating really healthy the past 6 months, but within reason. I would always allow myself to have treats, but the last few weeks I have been eating treats all of the time. I guess it's time to get back on track.

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Alisha Frost said...

That looks super yummy! And I love Bountiful Baskets too. It has crazy food sometimes, but it's fun to experiment and try new recipes!