Monday, June 13, 2011

Bob's Birthday

Last Tuesday was Bob's 25th birthday. Bob got to spend the whole day at Costco filling prescriptions. While he was away, I cooked and cleaned the day away. I took on the challenge of making my first "themed cake." I debated using fondant, but since I have never used it I decided against it. After I frosted the cake, it looked horrible, and I wasn't too thrilled. But when I realized I could use the coconut to hide my errors, I was happy again.

I cook for Andrea and Brent on Tuesdays, and usually try to make something nice. I also try to take into consideration what people like to eat, and make it healthy. (For Andrea and myself....) But since it was Bob's birthday, I was making whatever he wanted. When I asked him what he would like, he said he wanted pigs in a blanket and creamed peas. It was such an easy meal to make. Brent loved it too, Andrea and I had chicken.

 The theme of Bob's birthday ended up being golf. He got some new golf shoes and golf balls, and a few games that he had been wanting.

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