Wednesday, February 1, 2012

darlings of 3rd grade

It's been a while... Here are a few things I've heard and seen in the 3rd grade.
*All pictures are poor quality, sorry phone pics only.

{How they talk}

We were reading spelling words at the back table. We were working with words with a's in them. We talked about long a and short a sounds and other sounds they can make. One boy was reading his words when he came to the word past. Instead of saying past, he said it like pasta, but no a on the end. I asked him what the word meant. He said "It's short for pasta. You know, pass the past." -- Hopefully that makes sense.

{Lying - or Sucking Up}

For parent teacher conferences I had my kids fill out a self assessment on math, writing, reading, and general behavior. I read through them to see how honest they were.... and this kid got caught. He definitely has 2 different views on math, and 3rd grade. But he was honest about his behavior which I am happy about.

{Dad's and Donuts}
Dad's and Donuts was last week. Each grade gets a day where Dad's or another parents are invited to come to school. They read together and get to eat a donut at the end. These were two of my favorites.

Mom and Son both reading their own thick chapter books.

McDonald's breakfast along with reading and donuts!

{Happy Birthday Mrs. Barber}
I seriously have the sweetest class. They are a handful and I do have crazy days with 32 of them, but I do love it. It's things like this that help remind you why you are there!

I came in to this present on my desk.

And found this quilt inside. My class each colored a square at our Christmas party and over the break, one of the moms pieced the quilt together.

{Moving in and out x2}
This year has been a crazy year for 3rd grade. When we came back from the break we had 7 new students. All of our classes jumped to 32+. One of my new students wasn't too new. He moved here in October and was in class for a couple weeks. Then we had Fall Break and he never came back. Then he moved back after Christmas break. He was here for 2 weeks and now he is gone again. It's sooo hard to have constant move ins and outs. Who knows what will happen in the future.

{Random fact about 3rd grade weight}
We learn cursive in 3rd grade. When they pass it all off, they get a cursive license. Our licenses are similar to a drivers license and has height, weight, hair and eye color listed on the card. So I brought my scale to school this week and had all of my kids weigh in. My kids weigh anywhere from 49- 120 pounds. I'd say the average though is 65-75. Some kids would get off the scale and say, "But I'm wearing boots, thats why its so high." -- Why are they already caring about their weight???


Mark and JanaRae said...

I never got my cursive license in
3rd grade. I practiced my cursive every day after school. I never got that good and after a certain date my teacher stopped handing them out and said they were no longer needed. I have never liked cursive since then :(
on the other hand its fun to read about your students and see that Ethan is pretty average for a third grader.

Leandra said...

I seriously love reading about your teaching adventures. It's so funny it makes me wonder what I was like in 3rd grade