Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Want to run with me?

A lot of people have recommited with the new year to be healthier and exercise a little more. And it's about that time where you are in limbo after a month of trying. Do I keep at it? Or do I go back to my old ways? Even this afternoon I found myself craving a treat. Something that helps me to continue to stay motivated is having a goal to work towards.

I am trying to stay active and work harder at the gym. What is pushing me, is my goal of running a 5k. I love 5k's because they are short! I love races because you are running with other people around you, and that pushes me. I don't care who I pass or if I win, I just want to beat my previous time. You can read about my last 5k here if you want.

If you need a little motivation in your life, (or if you like to run-walk, or if want to support local elementary school students...)  I have the race for you.

Here are the details:
Race:   Luck of the Irish 5k Fun Run & Walk
When: Saturday, March 17th - You have plenty of time to get ready
Place:  Vineyard Elementary (620 East Holdaway Road, just off Geneva road in Orem)
Time:  10:00 AM - Yes you can still sleep in
Price:   $8 - Yes you read that right, and that includes a shirt!
- Proceeds go to Vineyard Elementary for a new reading room.

Perk: You get to see me in my glory with my 3rd grade tots.

Go here to sign up.

One of my students has given some advise for the race: "I'm going to be super lazy until the race so I can save up my energy for the race."

Any of my students who participate get $50 Viking dollars. If they beat me, they get $200 additional Viking dollars.

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Danielle Bates said...

I'm considering this and I'm serious. I started running last week but I'm not good at all. I'll let you know. You are amazing. Oh and I got bountiful basket too. I guess I want to be you ha!