Friday, February 17, 2012

He did what?

Okay yes this is another school post, but I promise that this one is a good one. Before I begin let me tell you a little background info. Half of my class comes at 8, and I teach reading until 9:15. The other half comes at that time. At 2:15 my early group goes home and then the late group stays until 3:30. At the end of the day we have flex (Tuesday through Friday) for the last half hour before the early kids go home, the kids go to different activities around the school. As a teacher I get to choose who stays and who goes. I can work with low kids who need extra help, or high kids who need higher level activities. Because this happens at the end of the day, my early students take their backpacks and leave from that activity.

So last Thursday I sent my kids to flex, and then taught my late kids reading. When I got home from school I felt like I needed to check my school email. When I saw an email from this boys mom, I wasn't surprised. We communicate a lot about his daily behavior. But when I read the email I was shocked. My student didnt go to flex, he just started walking. Luckily the crossing guard went to work early that day and she stopped him. He told her he was walking home and he wasnt going to go back, until she threatened to call the principal. So the office called his mom, she came and got him, and then she emailed me. The office forgot to tell me, so I had no idea until hours later when his mom told me. Needless to say he can no longer go to flex.

The next day he came to school wearing a CTR ring. He told me his older sister gave it to him to help him during the day. It made me SOOO happy, and I am happy to report it worked for two days. I havent seen it since and his behavior has gone downhill since then.

Today he had a great morning, and he went to his reading class. Halfway through the class he was escorted back because of bad behavior. I had him sit down and work on the class writing project that the rest of the class was working on. He doesn't like writing so when I saw him working, I was surprised. And surprised I should be, because this is what he wrote:

On a happier note, here are some Valentines day stories.

For writing, I listed the following on the board. School, Cupid, someone slipping, a dozen chocolates and a large pink cake. I told the kids they needed to write a story and it needed to include those five things. When we were sharing, these were the two that stuck out the most.

1- A girl tells about how Cupid came in the class. The girl was sneaking chocolates under her desk, so she didnt get hit by the arrow, but I did. And I fell in love with Mr. Harward a 6th grade teacher at our school. (Who is around the age of my father.) When I saw him later in the day, I laughed a little to myself. He then wondered what was up, and I died of embarrassment as I told him the story.

2- Using the same 5 things, a boy wrote a story about how the cake  he got for Valentines day made you fall in love with whatever you saw. The kid fell in love with a bunch of different objects including a chair, a desk, the TV and some other objects. When he told the class that he fell in love with scissors and his tongue got cut up, I about died laughing. Where are they coming up with this stuff?

Thank goodness it is a 3 day weekend!!!!!

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Cassandra said...

Thanks so much for posting these stories! I miss being around that age group---they are absolutely hilarious! I hope all is well! :)