Thursday, August 16, 2012

1st Day Back

Today was my first day back at work. It's always hard to get back into the groove of working all day. Luckily they ease you into it, and you sit for a lot of back to school meetings. (Although the chair wasn't too soft and I had a hard time getting comfortable today.) We started out the day with a district celebration and then faculty pictures. Yesterday we were all given our new school shirts to wear to the celebration and for pictures. (Our principal emailed us earlier in the summer asking us for the size we needed. I responded and said large, hoping it would work with the bump. When I picked mine up, they had me listed as a small. I was so glad they ordered a few extras so I could get the large I needed.)

I know I shouldn't, but whenever I have pictures taken, I ask for them to be chest up... still not used to the growing belly!
One small error, the people that printed our shirts, spelled Vineyard wrong. Our school motto is still going strong, we are working on Educating The One!!!!

I didn't notice the error until someone pointed it out to me today. I was more worried about making sure my belly wasn't sneaking out of the bottom of my shirt. My belly sure has grown in the past month. I'll have to get you a new belly shot soon.

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Ashley Rose said...

I didn't know you that you teach at Vineyard! My husband went to school there when he was a kid and he's pretty proud of the fact...LOL