Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last day of summer

Yesterday was my last day of summer. Not just my last day of summer for this year, but my last day of summer ever. And by that I mean, not having any responsibility for anyone and being able to come and go as I please. Earlier in the week, I was wondering what I would do on my last day. One thing for sure, I knew I would sleep in.

I got news that my new school computer was in, so that took me to school. There were lots of people at work, and it was fun to see friends I hadn't seen all summer. I got my computer and the game plan was to leave, but when I was in my class, I realized I had so much to do. (I don't think that ever goes away.) So I decided that even if it was my last day of summer, I would get some work done, so I wouldn't be stressed and exhausted this weekend and Monday. I also realized that I was doing what I loved, and that was a great way to spend my last day of summer.

My new computer... I am in love. My last school computer gave me the wheel of death all of the time and was so hard to work on. 

My quilting lady called to let me know that my baby quilt was finished. I quickly finished up what I needed and headed over to pick up my quilt. I was thrilled with the final product. And I have to say that this is my favorite quilt that I have made so far.

I came home and put together dinner for a neighbor who had a baby. (Quick side note: In July, we had 10 babies born in our ward... it was crazy!) While dinner was baking I ran to the fabric store and got some thread to match my binding. After dinner I spent the night binding my quilt. I was so glad to get it finished!
These are the same colors as the other quilt I made for baby girl Barber. 
Love this quilt!
I had to take a picture of the minky, and can't you just picture a little naked baby picture on this blanket?


Ashley Rose said...

OMG - that quilt is GORGEOUS!

Brianne said...

I love minky but hear it's a pain! Did you have to work with it at all or just your quilting lady? That might be the way to go to get a seriously soft back with a seriously cute front--have someone else do it! It turned out great!

Anonymous said...