Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miracle Baby

When I got a text from my friend Amber the other night that she might be getting a baby through adoption the next day, I started to cry. You might remember Amber from previous crafting posts. Last fall we started getting together to craft during our spare time. Both of us were having issues with fertility and to help with our sadness and maybe a little anger, we would craft and vent together. Back in May their adoption profile through LDS family services went live. I know that with adoption it can take quite a while to get a baby. So when I found out, I was quite shocked!

Amber and her husband had had their profile up for 2 months when they were contacted by a birth mom who had had her baby earlier in the week. They picked their baby girl up less than 24 hours later. I seriously was on pins and needles until she text me letting me know that they had her, and that she wanted me to come meet her. I was finishing up some onesies and a blanket that I had put together in the last few hours. 

I met them at Amber's parents house where I first met little Olivia. What a little miracle she is and what a blessing, I am so happy for Amber and Jordan! I seriously cry when I think about their story and how they started their family.  From this post, you can see that we made baby girl dresses and matching shoes. Who would've thought that we would both have miracle baby girls to wear them only 1 year later. 

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