Sunday, January 4, 2015

2 month appointment

Somehow the day of Ruby's 2 month appointment was one of the worst days on the roads. Our appointment was at 11, and I was bound and determined to get all 3 of us ready and to the doctor on time. I was basically ready to go, I just needed to put the stroller in the car. I ran downstairs and while getting the stroller my grandparents stopped me to talk about their upcoming trip. This put me a few minutes behind schedule.

The roads were awful and as I got on the freeway in Springville there were 6 cars off the side of the road with the police and ambulances. I tried my best to keep calm and drove to Provo. I realized when I got there that the stroller would take too much time and it was snowing like crazy. I grabbed both girls and we were surprisingly only 5 minutes late.

My game plan with Olivia was to put her in the stroller and let her watch a movie on the iPad, but the stroller was out so I plopped her on the chair and went to have Ruby weighed. She weighed in at 8.14 (2%) and I think they take an ounce or two off for the diaper. When the nurse practitioner came in she immediately addressed the fact that Ruby wasn't where she wanted for her weight. She told me she was extremely worried. I started to tear up a bit, as you all know I am normally a sensitive and emotional person, plus I just had a baby 2 months ago. I tried to stop the tears, but the NP addressed them and then asked if I was doing okay at home, and if I needed anything. She in a roundabout way asked me if I have postpartum depression which made me start crying even more. It was the worst appointment ever.

(At the same time that all of this is going on, Olivia is crying and I can't figure out what she wants.)

To make a long story short, I now have to pump after each feeding. Which is a huge pain, especially with Olivia. She knows once I am hooked up, I can't move. Every other feeding I am supposed to try and feed her an extra ounce of milk from a bottle. So far she hasn't drank any, so I am sure she is getting enough milk. We go back in another week for a weight check. I hope she has gained weight, but at the same time I am not worried about her. She hasn't been fussy like she is still hungry or not getting enough. She sleeps great at night and is an all around pleasant baby.

Being a mom is hard. It is so crazy to me how babies can be so different from one another. I feel like I just figured out Olivia and now I am starting all over with Ruby. Even if it is hard, it is so rewarding and the best thing I could ever do. I sure do love my girls. And I'll keep pumping every 2-3 hours for little Ruby so she can put on the pounds.


Mike and Laken Cannon said...

You poor thing. That truly does sound like the worst appointment ever. I would have been a mess for sure. FYI, you are my mom role model. Whenever Mike and I have a question about Piper we seriously go to your blog to see what you did with Olivia. You give me hope that it is possible to have more than one child, keep them looking cute, and keep yourself cute at the same time. All you Barber girls are beautiful! Ugh. I hear you in the pumping department. I didn't have a little two-year-old lady running around though. I'll pray that Olivia suddenly gains an extraordinary attention span with her books while you're pumping and that Ruby packs on those pounds in a jiffy!

Katie said...

Next time bring Olivia over here to play while you take Ruby to the doctor!! The twins would love it and I know how crazy it can be to have extra kids at the doctors office.

Kandice said...

I wouldn't worry! If she's not fussy I wouldn't think anything of it. Maybe you're milk isn't straight cream, mine isn't, but it still contains the nutrients she needs. Take it all in stride and know all is well. And if she does need a little extra supplement, it's not a sin to give your baby formula. Really if it's less stress on momma then the baby will be less stress on baby. Ps I had the baby blues pretty intense and just know if you do experience it, your not alone. Everyone has them!

Alisha Frost said...

So sorry for you Alyse! Weight gaining troubles are no fun. And pumping is super not fun. I'll pray Ruby packs on the weight. And I agree with the person above, you're not alone if you have postpartum! I think everyone gets some form of it at some time! And I'm sure feeding troubles could make it worse!