Friday, January 2, 2015

Highlights of 2014

Celebrated New Years with my family, Olivia graduated from the infant seat to a convertible car seat, Bob painted and worked on puzzles during his free time, and Alyse took a girls trip to Park City with Mary and Rachel.
We celebrated Valentines day, Alyse started jogging outside when the snow melted, we found out we were pregnant with baby #2, & our cousin Lauren got married.
Uncle Brad came home from his mission and we flew to Washington for a week. Olivia loved playing with her cousin Brody who was visiting from Michigan. Mom and Olivia flew to Arizona and spent the week with the Carlson's, and attended a Diamondbacks game.
Olivia had a ball at both of the Easter egg hunts and we announced our pregnancy.
We attended a BYU baseball game, Bob taught Olivia to golf, and we spent the weekend in Salt Lake with Bob's family for Mitch & Stacey's wedding.
Olivia got Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease, we celebrated Bob's 28th birthday, found out baby was a girl and went to Lake Powell.
Olivia and I spent a week in California with Ashley, Tate, & Crew. We celebrated the 4th & 24th and Bob walked in the parade. Olivia spent the day in the park with Grandma and Mia who she shares a birthday with. 
I started nesting, we went back to Lake Powell for the warm water, lots of days at the splash pad, and I broke my finger.
Olivia got her first bed, BYU football started, and our cousin Weston god married.
Olivia got her first mani/pedi, Ruby was born, and Olivia went trick or treating and loved it
Olivia turned 2, Ruby's first month flew by, and we celebrated Thanksgiving. 
We flew home to Washington for Christmas and Ruby was blessed. Santa scared Olivia on more than one occasion this month.
What a great year for our family! 


Tiff said...

Such a great year for you and your family. Hope 2015 is fabulous for you as well.

Staci said...

Love your updates. You are such a good mom.