Friday, January 9, 2015

High School Basketball Game

 Tonight we went to see my cousin's basketball game. Jaxon and Nathaniel are both on the Sophomore team for Maple Mountain. The game was at Salem Hills High School. Since Bob's boss Mike coaches the Sophomore team, he was working. So I went over with my parents to have a little extra help. Olivia loves riding in Papa's truck. The game was a lot of fun and very intense. Olivia took a few spills as she climbed up and down the bleachers. She enjoyed sitting next to Jensen and eating snacks when she wasn't climbing. My Mom and Aunt Brenda took turns holding and loving on little Ruby. The game went into overtime and it was a battle back and forth. It was tied in the last couple seconds of overtime. A kid on Salem Hills took a shot and it went in right as the buzzer went off. It was a bummer to lose, but a great game.

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