Friday, January 16, 2015

2 week weight check

For two weeks I pumped after most of Ruby's feedings and also took fenugreek. Although I didn't feel like my milk supply was suffering, I decided to do whatever I could to make sure Ruby was getting enough. During those two weeks I probably stressed more than I should've about her eating. For example the night before she wouldn't eat and had me worried. So I pumped a bottle and we went to my parents house. Later she drank all 3 ounces for my Mom.

They told me I didn't need to make an appointment so I went over to the Doctor's office early Monday morning, exactly 2 weeks from our last appointment. I had to wait in the waiting room for about a half hour before a nurse could squeeze me in. When I laid Ruby down in her diaper, the nurse looked at me and told me she looked great. I agreed and hoped that the scale would show progress.

In two weeks she went from 8 lb. 14 oz. to 9 lb. 7 oz. She gained 9 ounces and I was thrilled. The nurse went to print off a report and I got Ruby dressed. When she came back she showed me that although she had gained, she went from the 2.4% to 2.0% and that I would need to come back in another 2 weeks. I wasn't thrilled with that, since she had gained and was doing great. But luckily when I got home the nurse called to let me know the doctor saw the report and that I didn't need to come back in.

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