Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cold season, a little too early!

So I have a cold, already! I have a soar throat, stuffy nose and my voice is leaving.... quickly! Today I am feeling better, but my voice is in the gross stage where it's half manly. So I was explaining to my kids this morning that they were going to have to be really quiet so they would be able to hear me, since I was loosing my voice. One kid in my class raises his hand and says, "Well I think you should just leave for a couple days until your voice comes back." I thought it was cute and said do you really want me to leave, and he thought about it for a minute, "well just for a few days." Apparently, my student isn't too fond of me. Haha.

Oh and it is pooring rain outside and it is so loud in the trailer. It does sound cool, but all of the kids are getting distracted and keep hoping for inside recess. Please, don't let it get bad enough for inside recess. If so, I have to spend my lunch in my classroom letting my kids bounce off the walls.

Well my break is over.

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