Thursday, September 25, 2008

My First Pink Slip

Today I gave my first Pink Slip. What is a pink slip you may ask? It is the worst thing that can happen at Snow Springs besides going to the principals office. Fighting, goofing off, messing in the bathrooms, swearing, stealing, and other things like that qualify you for a pink slip. Oh and playing by the trailers during recess also can get you a handy dandy pink slip. There are 3 copies, one is white, you give it to the principal, the pink one goes home and you have to have your parent sign it and then the yellow one the teacher keeps. Anyway now that you have all the background info, here is the story.

Today I pulled out some spelling board games that I made this weekend. I was really excited to use them. The kids are in 5 groups for spelling so I was going around taking pictures for my class blog and when I got to one group, the kids were like, Michael bit Isaac. And they both agreed that it happened and then Michael turned it back to Isaac and said he bit him back. So the group continued their game as I pulled Michael and Isaac to my desk for a little chat. Michael told me that it was a "play bite" and did an example on his arm, where he didn't bite, just put his lips on his arm. I told him I didn't care if it was play or not, "WE don't put our lips on other people's bodies!!!!" Then I turned to Isaac and his little eyes were filling with tears. He told me that when someone does something to him, he automatically does it back.--- "I've been working on it though!" So I told them they weren't going to be able to go back to the game, and they would have to write their spelling words 3 times each at their desk. Michael turns to me and in the brattiest voice tells me that he doesn't care that he has to do it and that basically it wasn't a punishment. I snapped right there and told him he had a pink slip for talking back to the teacher and biting Isaac. Don't worry that I didn't even have a pink slip in my classroom and had to send my aide to get one later.

Biting in 3rd grade? Can you even handle that? What are kids thinking? Oh and by the way, the kid that told me he thought I was pretty and he liked me I guess that was Michael too. One day he is sucking up and then next he is biting kids.

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