Thursday, October 2, 2008

jump ropes.... losing a student.... writing stories

Today was an exciting day for Miss Hales. Not just exciting but an emotional roller coaster. My first story is about my students C. It all started last Friday when she got checked out and hasn't come back since. Apparently the parents were going back and forth with the children and the Dad took the kids this week. For a while no one knew where the kids were, well neither the Mom or Dad would claim they had them and the cops were involved. It was pretty intense and I was didn't know how to feel about the situation. 1. It would be great to have my class size go down. But this girl is on a Kindergarten level and has been moving in and out of schools all her life. She doesn't have that great of a home life and that is why she is so behind. I was in the process of referring her to resource because she was so low. I wanted to keep her in my class so I could help her get up to grade level. I just hope that she gets to stay at her next school for a while and learn. Miss Hales class size went from 32..... to 31.

I have this wild child in my class, she is one of my resource students and she sometimes gives me some trouble. Then I have this little boy who is one of the smartest kids and they all the sudden became friends. I was really excited about it. They went to recess together, after recess my class has Reader's Theater and I have prep. During my prep the principal came in my room and asked where my class was. After I told him, he just left. I was curious so when my kids came back I asked if anything exciting had happened in Reader's Theater. The kids all raised their hands to tell me that the principal had come to talk to those 2 kids. I asked wild child what he said and she said she couldn't remember. ---- ya I'm sure. haha. At lunch I went to the Principal's office and asked him what happened. He said that a parents in the other 3rd grade class came in that morning and said my two kids had been using a junp rope to tie up her son and hit him. Yes, my kids roped a kid, and were hitting him. That is abuse, they are bullies. I am pretty sure that my quiet smart boy was not the genius of this activity. So I guess, I'm going to have to tell their parents when I see them next week at SEP's. Oh great!

We are writing personal narratives during writitng this month. We are going to show our published work to the parents next week at conferences. We have been rushing to get them done in time. I was meeting with the students to check off their work. One girl had written about her baptism. It was so cute, she said that she felt perfect when she came out of the water. She then said that when she came home she ate her favorite food "Grilled Poops" I read it aloud and looked at her with a puzzled face. She told me that's what they are called. But really they are just no bake cookies. I laughed so hard, it was so cute.

Well, tomorrow is Friday and I love my life. I can't wait for this weekend to come. Tomorrow is fun Friday and I may attempt to do some watercolors with the class. May be a problem with the lack of water in my classroom. Haha. I figure that out tonight. Oh and my class is 6 points away from a class pet. What should I get? fish? Gecko? ehhh... I am thinking Fish! haha

I am so excited for conference this weekend, 4 sessions of inspiration! I love conference with all my heart. My parents are in Greece for the next three weeks so I am watching the children on the weekends. I am excited to take on the role of Mom and make some amazing dinner.

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