Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funny Comment of the Day

I am in love with the spring weather, and am crossing my fingers we don't get a freak snow soon. I can't wait for summer to be here. I love being outside and enjoying the sun! The nice thing about the trailer is that you can control your AC and Heater. Since it has been getting warmer, I have to turn the heater off in the afternoon and turn on the AC. When the kids came in from the lunch they were dying, they were all so hot.

One of my students is pretty mature and he has a lot of good jokes. He turns to me and says, "I'm Hot Miss Hales, in 2 Ways!!!" It was the funniest thing ever. I just looked at him and tried not to laugh, but I did. ---What do you say to that? I had to walk away.

This weekend I had a student add me on facebook. Yes, one of my students who is 8 years old. I had a panic attack and then had to reject the invitation. She has been absent so I haven't been able to explain to her why we can't be friends on facebook. Wow- They are starting young these days!

The countdown is now 65 days, this weekend I went a little crazy and bought 3 swimming suits. I can not wait for our cruise to the Bahamas. I also am excited to have a somewhat relaxing summer. I am thinking about teaching swimming lessons and taking some classes through the district for my 2 month vacation.

My school is being downsized this next school year because of the new school being built nearby. (This year our school is bursting out the seams--- or with 10 trailer classes-- and we have 1400 kids!) So next year our school will be a little smaller, which means less faculty. We are losing 11 teachers, and the teachers that get kicked are the new ones. Oh wait that is me!!!! So as of right now, I am waiting for the district to tell me where I am going. There is a chance that I will stay at Snow Springs ***cross your fingers.*** But there is also a chance that I will move to another school. They are taking 11 teachers, but they are also cutting jobs in each grade, so depending on what grades people want, other teachers may make the choice to move to the new school for the grade level they want. It's a waiting game and I am ready to know where I will be. Hopefully I will know by Friday or Monday!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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