Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love Kids

Today I pulled some kids from my class to work on measuring the nearest quarter inch. I had 8 of them in the conference room and we were working on a worksheet. Most of them were getting the hang of it. Michael finished and I was checking his paper. I was leaning next to him on the table measuring the lines to see if they were done correctly.

He said- "Teacher, you're skinny"
I replied, Thanks, really?
He said- "Ya you are really skinny, you look good."
I replied- "Did I used to be fat?"
He said- "No not fat, but you used to look different!"

He then proceeds to take his two tiny hands and measure my arm.... all the kids started laughing. And then he measured my wrist.

I love kids. This one always has the funniest things to say. He makes me laugh all of the time!!!!

I had a break down like 30 minutes later where I was crying because some of my kids wouldn't listen. Oh the joys of teaching!!!!

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