Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our last weekend being single

The countdown is now to 5 days. Can you believe it??? I am amazed at how fast our engagement went! I am hoping this next week will go quickly, with 3 days of teaching and one of those days a field trip, I am thinking it will. I still need to finalize my 2 days of sub plans. I started them, but need to finish. 

This weekend has been a busy one. Friday night we went to dinner, played a game of croquet and watched 7 pounds. We both wake up so early for work, we called it a night at 10:30. On Saturday morning I got up early and got ready for our little road trip out to Manti. My freshman roommate Kandice got married and we went out for pictures and the luncheon.
 We met Danielle in Payson and then the 3 of us drove to Manti. We got there a few minutes before they came out of the temple.
 It was fun to meet up with Leandra, my other freshman roommate and her husband Jesse. Kandice looked gorgeous and her new husband Cody looked handsome. We took some pictures and then waited around for an hour or so for the couple to get all of their pictures taken before the luncheon began. I am SO glad that Bob and I got all of our pictures taken last week, so we won't have to do that the day of our wedding. It was fun to see and be apart of the wedding festivities--- to prepare us for our wedding this next weekend!!! I can't wait~
The luncheon didn't start until 1:45 and Danielle had told her mom we would be home at 2. We ate quickly and hit the road. On the way home we ran into a small problem. There were at least 100 cows being herded down the road. They were everywhere, part of the time, the cows were walking faster than we were driving!

I didn't think the first picture did me justice, it was dark, so I had to roll the window down, the cows were so CLOSE to the car. It was a funny little incident! 
Bob driving with a million cows around our car... Ok it wasn't a million. But it was a lot!
We came home and took a quick nap/watched Holes on TV. Then we ran Bob to our apartment to change out of his church clothes and grabbed some cup cakes and ice cream for dessert. We were invited over to Alisha and Patrick's house for dinner with the 112 roommates. It was so fun to get together for food and games. We forgot to take the camera out-- but we won't forget next time. We had yummy tacos and then played partini. I had never played, and it was a lot of fun. 

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