Monday, September 7, 2009

hales family pictures

30+ people wearing brown shirts and jeans, running around the utah state mental hospital grounds, getting yelled at by some girl in charge of a program at the amphitheater, amateur photographer, grandpa wearing jeans for the 1st time, babies crying, and smiling faces for a family picture. (These pictures were all taken on my camera, we haven't gotten the 'real pics' yet.)

The boy cousins (Jaxon, Dillan, Dan, Weston, Spencer, Jaycob, Jarron, and Nathaniel)

Grandma and Grandpa Hales with their children. (Carrie, Kent, Ren, Blaine, and Shauna)
Glimpse at a group shot, atleast Bob and I were looking.
Sisters, Ayrika my twin-just 8 years younger, Andrea and me.

Us- Yes Bob is pulling his new Classic Smile. - He swears he loved pictures but I know he was lying, we missed most of the BYU football game for these pictures.

more to come....

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perdue family said...

Yea apparently he doesn't cause he always has the same face in every picture. sad story for bob.