Saturday, September 19, 2009

mt. pleasant, utah

This weekend we decided to take a trip down to Mt. Pleasant. My parents own a motel (Horseshoe Mountain Lodge) there and they had rooms available. On the ride down I enjoyed looking at the changing leaves. I was driving, so I had to take pictures on our way home.

There is a restaurant with the hotel so as soon as we checked in, we went to eat. It's a little hometown restaurant, maybe the only sit down restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. We had ribs and prime rib and were stuffed when we left.
We watched a movie on TV and then left for Ephraim. On the way there the sun was in it's last minutes of setting and it looked really pretty. This picture doesn't do it justice.
We went to the movie theater which had 2 movies playing one was R, so our only option was Julie and Julia. (Which I loved!!!) We were the first ones there for the 8:45 showing, and after we paid, (only $12 for two tickets) they handed us two blue tickets.
We went inside and got some treats and tried to go into the theater, but the previous showing was still playing. The ticket taker was an older man who sat on a stool and put the tickets in a container.
We woke up at 8, (well I woke up at 7, and tried to be quiet, but got bored) and went to breakfast. Cheerios, pastries, bagels and juice.

We were sad that they pool had already been closed, but had an enjoyable time. Thanks Mom and Dad for having a motel, and letting us have a night away.


Emily Jones said...

Wow, your parents own a hotel? My parents own a cabin and I used to think that was cool. But a hotel? Seriously? I'm impressed. Sounds like you guys had a blast.
P.S. You need to come visit me!

Lindsay Carrick said...

what a fun little weekend trip! That's so nice it was on your parents =)

Mary said...

so i am really loving your hair in that pic!