Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Please?

This past month has been a crazy one for my family. We have had 3 items stolen from us. Ranging from small, medium, and large items.

Case #1 A couple weeks ago Bob went outside to mow the lawn and realized our lawn mower was gone. We asked my Dad if he or his business partner had borrowed it for the other complexes they own. He said no, and we realized that it had been stolen off our property.Case #2-- I then called my Mom later in the week and she told me they had had a horrible day. Our trailer for our four wheelers was gone that morning. In the middle of the night someone had backed up to it, hooked it up and took off with it. (We had only had this trailer for a few years, and it was really nice and held 3 four wheelers.) On Labor Day my Dad was depressed that we couldn't take our four wheelers anywhere.

Case #3 --And then today we went home to watch the BYU game and my Mom told us how my youngest sister Ayrika, had her brand new IPOD touch stolen at Volleyball practice the other day. She had just gotten it for her birthday at the end of August. Hopefully they figure somethings out when they watch the security camera at the high school.Can you believe that? We have had a rough month with things being stolen.I don't remember our family ever having a problem with things being stolen. It's crazy how people are just taking anything they can get their hands on these days. We were lucky because we had our wave runners on our trailer sitting out in front of our house the week before our trailer was stolen. Luckily it wasn't those! Remember LOCK YOUR DOORS, and take all valuables out of your cars!


perdue family said...

Thats Horrible! Ill help you do some 007 detective work and track the bad guys down. Sorry thats been happening to your family. Although that is funny that someone would steal a lawnmower.

Emily Jones said...

Wow, that is crazy. I can't believe they all happened so close together. I'm scared now. Do-do-do-do (like the scare creepy music).

Leandra said...

UGH! Alyse, I hate all of those stories! Remember how we got robbed a month ago? I'm all paranoia now and check our doors every 5 seconds to make sure they're lost. I hope your sis can get her ipod touch back or atleast they can figure something out from security cameras. People are such freaks!

Lindsay Carrick said...

Oh my word! That really stinks! How frustrating, too. It makes me so mad that people think they can take property like that. Losers!