Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

We celebrated Halloween last night with Matthew and Emily. Tonight we are going to the Hale Theater to see Little Shop of Horrors. Hopefully we will be able to avoid some of the trick or treating children.

Bob dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite, sweatsuit style. And I was, well, the package said Desirable Devil, but I told the kids I was a bat devil.

The evening started out with awesome table decorations and soup in a pumpkin bread bowl. We also had some hot wassail, and fruit salad.

We all participated in a trivia game about Halloween words. I thought I missed them all for sure, they were tricky. But Matthew and I pulled out a win getting 7/12 right. Bob and Emily both came in 2nd place with 6.

We then carved green peppers. I told Bob to go for it, and ours ended up being the green pepper covered in wax- it looked pretty good! Emily and Matt carved theirs to look like both Bob and I. Each on one side.

Using biscuit dough we made some donuts- which turned out really good. We finished off the night by watching The Corpse Bride and eating pudding. Thanks Matt and Emily!

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Andi said...

I'm dying that you carved green peppers. You are the best people I know. And that pic of bob right here is priceless. Love.