Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{Temple-Pizza Tradition}

Since school started we have made a goal to go to the temple once a week. We go every Wednesday after I finish school. It is so nice to be in a habit, and not ever wonder when we are going next.(Temple painting done by Jeff Brimely, I just found it on google and thought it was pretty.)

We finish around 6:00 and are always starving. (We usually eat dinner around 5.) After a long day of teaching (no prep on Wednesday's) and then attending the temple, I don't feel like cooking dinner. There is a pizza place just around the corner from our apartment called Wise Guys. We went their once during the summer, but it was a little expensive so we hadn't gone back. We did sign up for their coupons via email though.

Every Wednesday they have individual pizzas for $1. These are just cheese pizzas but they are 8 inches and one is enough for dinner. (almost enough for Bob.) If you want toppings, each one is 50 cents extra. So every Wednesday as we leave the Temple we order 4 pizzas. We each eat one that night and then eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. It is around $6 for 4 pizzas and a topping on each one. We love it!
(Not actual pizza)


Emily Jones said...

What a great tradition! I'm proud of you guys. And I'm definitely going to Wise Guys now.

Leandra said...

mmm that pizza looks delic! Hey text me tomorrow and remind me to send you that popcorn recipe and I will! I'm to lazy to go search for my book right now :)